How to Walk in Ballet Heels Or Ballet Boots

April 22, 2010 by admin 

ballet heel How to Walk in Ballet Heels Or Ballet Boots Of course it’s possible but the question should be, is it safe? And, do you look foolish? Yes.

If you haven’t seen ballet heels or ballet boots before, they’re fashioned like a ballerinas pointe shoe only they’re a real shoe with a 7 inch heel in the back. They can be knee high or thigh high boots as well that are laced up the front to make them as tight as possible. It is basically a straight line from the knee down to the toes.

Once a thing of only fetish fashion, they’ve now fully begun their cross over into mainstream runway and celeb fashion. Alexander McQueen included the 10 inch tall Armadillo shoe in his Spring/Summer 2010 fashion shoe. Models, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Natasha Poly and Sasha Pigly quit the show in protest and it was a huge controversy. Of course this only spawned a new generation of dare devils when Lady Gaga and Beyonce wore them.

If you’re thinking about actually trying to walk in them, I think your only hope is that you’re a ballerina whose feet are trained to withstand that position. Or hopefully you’re modelling them and want to just walk in front of the camera for a few frames. Otherwise, any normal walking would be dangerous. You could twist or break your ankle very easily and you foot just isn’t made to withstand your weight in that position. We’ve all heard the horrific stories about what ballerinas go through to live much of their lives in pointe shoes right. The stories usually involve bleeding, blisters, bone spurs and disfigurement. They’re trained for it, so imagine the pain and complications involved when average people wear them for the sake of fashion.

If you are going to wear ballet heels and plan to walk in them, make sure they are rigid so that your foot and ankle can’t move around much. You’ll have to work on finding the exact right fit since these shoes are basically made to hurt your feet. You’ll want to find the less of the evils. Since fit is so important I’m guessing that it would be tough to find the right fit if you have two slightly different size feet, which is very common. You can also add some additional toe padding to make them a little more comfortable.

Of course, you probably just want to wear these shoes on special occasions and at times when you won’t have to walk very far.


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